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How to use The Original Plop It! at every stage in life

The Original Plop It! doesn’t have an age minimum or maximum.  You basically just have to exist to use it.  Here are various uses as your child grows, and other uses I didn’t think of until someone else mentioned it.

Newborn to baby
– tummy time
– nap time
– diaper change
– play time
Attach toys to the toy loops located on the edge of the mat.  It encourages baby to reach out her arms and kick her legs.  When the baby moves, the mat stays outstretched.  You don’t have to continuously pull on the mat to keep it flat or lay all your heavy items on the corners.  Also, it’s so convenient when you need diaper duty.  You don’t always have the luxury of a diaper changing station.  With the Plop It! at least you have a clean place to change baby.  Take the mat everywhere you go.  Not everyone understands life with a baby nor does every place you go accommodate little ones as well as you would hope.  With the Plop It!, you know you have a clean place for baby when they want to get up out of the stroller and discover their environment.

– nap time
– snack time
– lunch
Toddlers don’t sit still for very long unless they are eating and even then they don’t stay still.  The Plop It! allows you to set up quickly, just plop it down.  You’ll have a nice, clean area to take a break where ever you are.  When your toddler gets up and takes off, you can quickly pick up the mat and follow after him.  That’s one of the perks of the Plop It!  Easy to set up, easy to pick up.

School Age
Your kid is older now.  He listens and can follow instructions.  Now, he’s really active (not that he wasn’t before).  You have soccer, baseball, swim lessons during the weekday and games during the weekend.  Take the Plop It! with him. He’ll have a nice mat to sit during breaks or lay down after being totally exhausted from practice.  He’ll drink his water and eat his snack and then you’re off again.  Tip:  keep your Plop It! in the car and pull it out when ever you need it.  Bring it in the house when you need to clean it.

The Plop It! is light and compacts for easy transport.  It’s 40 inches wide and perfect for one or two people.  You can take it to the park and just read a book or lay down and enjoy the various animal shaped clouds in the sky.  Remember those days as a kid?  Or have a nice time with your significant other huddled together for a picnic date.  Take the mat to an outdoor movie or outdoor play.  It’s a great accessory to enjoying life.

Here are some other places you can enjoy The Original Plop It! no matter what age you are.

Places to go with your Plop It!
– park
– picnic
– zoo
– festivals
– pool
– beach
– grandma’s and grandpa’s house
– friends’ house
– play dates
– traveling (road trip or flying, for when you need a break)

Remember I mentioned other uses?  A customer brought this up to my attention.  She uses the Plop It! as a travel mat for her working dog.  The dog works with children.  Isn’t that sweet.  40 inch wide mat can make a pretty big dog comfortable whether at home or traveling.

Indoor or outdoor, The Original Plop It! mat isn’t just for babies.  Anyone can use it practically any where you go.  Think beyond the infant stage and how you and your family can benefit from this mat that makes family life easier for everyone (pets included).

Here’s to spending more time with your family

There’s never enough time in one day.  You wake up, eat breakfast, and get everyone ready before each person goes to school or work or just getting the day going.  Once you wake up, the day doesn’t stop until you’re back in bed and even still, as a parent, you are always on call 24/7.  As a mom, I value every minute I can save towards spending time with my son.  Every minute I can save from setting up a play area or cleaning it afterwards is every minute of memories I create with my son.

For this reason, I created The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.  I wanted the ability to take a comfortable play mat with me no matter where I went.  A play yard was too heavy for me and too much to take when it was just the baby and me.  I wanted to allow my son to have tummy time or play with toys without having to take time to set up a play gym and its poles.  I wanted something easy to set up and put away which is The Original Plop It™ (watch the “how to” videos to learn the quickest ways to use the baby mat).  And, I wanted something easy to clean, which is why the mat has a machine washable case.  Even still, I know the insert could get dirty so it’s water repellant, wipe clean and let dry.  Yes, you can use the padded insert mat without the case for the times you go to the beach or the pool.

Since creating The Original Plop It™, my son has a comfortable place to play, eat or take a nap, no matter where we are during the day.  I am able to enjoy every moment and make more memories with him because of the simplicity of The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.

Where ever you travel or just staying home with your family, have fun and be safe ringing in the new year.  We look forward to helping you spend more time with your family.  Thank you for a great year in 2015.  We at Family Reigns are excited for an awesome year in 2016!

– Lina