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We made it BIG!

The Original Plop It! went from 40 inches to almost 60 inches!    Why?  Because, we are expanding!  The Original Plop It BIG! has more space for more humans to enjoy.  It’s easy to take wherever you want to go with your family or friends.  It still stays outstretched when you plop it down.  Twist it to get it compact and stick it in its tote bag.

Almost 60 inches of spread out mat space.


Here’s how you can use the Plop It! where ever and when ever.

World Premiere Launch – The Original Plop It™ Travel Baby Mat

Today is the big day to launch Family Reign’s first product,The Original Plop It™, the travel baby mat that stays outstretched without any additional attachments.  You can use this mat indoors or outdoors on any flat grounded surface.  It’s travel friendly, so take it everywhere you and baby go.

The Original Plop It with Chevron Blush case used outdoors at a neighborhood park.
The Original Plop It

The Original Plop It™ consists of a padded, water repellent insert, a machine washable case and a travel pack to carry it all.  We offer many colors and various designs.  Shop now at SHOP.FAMILYREIGNS.COM.

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