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How The Original Plop It! came to be

When my son was born, I would take him everywhere at all hours during the day.  Often, we ended up at the park for an hour to enjoy the outdoors.  I would bring his diaper bag and a blanket to lay on.  In my mind, this seemed simple enough.  Lay the blanket down and we can enjoy the nice weather.  But wait, I did not calculate the breeze.  I better place the diaper bag and his baby wipes on the corners and I can lay on the other two corners.  Perfect.  Baby is on tummy time and we are enjoying the park.  And then the baby pulled the blanket.  Hurry!  Fix the blanket before the blanket swallows the baby.  This is more work than I was imagining.

There must be something more simple and easier to use than a blanket.  I remembered I have an activity gym with poles.  That will work.  Oh wait, the poles don’t collapse.  It’s doesn’t compact and you have to attach then detach the poles.  I just want the baby to enjoy the birds, the trees and the sky without overhead distractions and with less equipment management.

How about the play yard?  It’s pretty sturdy.  It is, but it’s also heavy.  Imagine pushing the stroller and lugging the play yard just me and the baby.  I don’t think I can do it.  I don’t think I want to do it.

I just want something simple that I can plop down quickly.  I want something that is light so I can carry it with me when ever where ever I go with this little kid.  I want something comfortable for the baby, like cotton.  I need something easy to clean because I just don’t have time otherwise.   I want the mat to be padded so I can plop it on the floor of someone’s house indoors or just have extra padding when we are outdoors.

After searching in stores and online, I had no such luck.  I thought, it will be worth it if I just make it myself.  So begins the adventures of life with baby and what is now, The Original Plop It!

My son is a pre-schooler now and he still uses his mat.  He takes it to play days for when the class has quiet time.  We still take it to the park in which case, I hang out on the Plop It and he joins me for a break to snack or drink water, or lay down from exhaustion.  We’ve taken it to the water park where he passed out sleeping on the deck under the shade of a tree.  He also uses it as a clean place to sit when we have casual athletic activities like flag football, outdoor volleyball or hanging out at the pool.   My husband and I use it when we play tournaments.  We like to lay on it while we wait for our next games, so the whole family uses The Original Plop It!  It’s not just for babies.