How to switch your Original Plop It Case

Using The Original Plop It™ is simple.  Once you unwrap the package, wash your case before its first use.  Once the case is washed, stick the insert into the case.  Watch the video or follow the instructions on how.

When it’s time to machine wash and dry your Original Plop It Case, unzip the fabric shell and remove the mat.

Hold the case with your left hand.  Take the mat and form it into a loop and hold it with your right hand.

Insert the mat into the case and drop the left edge of the insert.  Push the right side of the mat as far back into the case as possible until the frame touches the seam much like you would fit a pillow into a pillow case.

The mat will pop into its shell.  Then zip the case and your Original Plop It is ready to use.

Video produced by The Story Hive

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