How to fold your Original Plop It!

Taking your Original Plop It™ where ever you go is simple.  Once in it’s pack, it is compact, travel friendly and stores easily without taking much space.  Watch the video or follow the instructions on how to fold your Original Plop It.

To store your Original Plop It expand it to its fullest and hold it in front of you.  Imagine a clock.  Place your hands on your Original Plop It at the 10 and 2 positions.

Move your right hand across your body.  Move your left hand across your body.  Your mat should now be shaped like a taco.

Hold the mat where the two sides overlap.  The bottom and the top of the mat will begin to curl.

Fold up the bottom.  Now you can  insert your mat into your pack and go.

Video produced by The Story Hive.

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