All new Basic Gift Set 2016!

It’s here!  The new Basic Gift Set 2016!  This season’s Basic Gift Set features a neutral color scheme of owls, leaves and dots on the case with a sand insert and pack.  The Original Plop It! is the mat that just stays open.  Plop It down for a quick set up.  And, pick it up for when you need to get up and go.

Basic Gift Set, Owl Dots case and Sand insert and bag
Basic Gift Set with an Owl Dots case and Sand insert and bag.
Case Owl Dots
The Original Plop It! Owl and Dots case
Owls Case
The Original Plop It! Owls and Dots case

The Owl and Dots case is 100% cotton and machine washable.  The insert and bag are water repellant, wipe clean and air dry.  Check out this post for ideas on where to go with your Original Plop It!

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