Happy Birthday to us!

We’re turning one and let me tell you how relieved we are to survive this first year.  As with babies, but maybe not quite as chaotic, the first year of business is critical.  We have been learning as much as we can and needless to say, it has not been without many errors and mistakes.  We could not have made it without our customers and supporters.  THANK YOU!  We are grateful for all the love.

What all happened our first year?  It seems like a whirlwind.  We officially launched The Original Plop It! a year ago.  In the winter, we were able to start selling The Original Plop It! gift sets on Amazon.com allowing customers with Prime membership to get free two-day shipping.  We attended a few baby expos in Houston, Los Angeles and Orange County.  We even had a great time at the famous Houston Children’s Festival.  We were lucky to meet many new faces and laugh about our kids and parenthood.

We have lots to look forward to going into our second year.  We will be adding different gift sets to Amazon.com as well as adding another member to our family.  The latter half of 2016 is going to be very interesting.  Keep in touch with us and watch us grow!  We’re on Facebook and you can sign up for our newsletter too.

Thank you, again, for making our first year memorable!