Here’s to spending more time with your family

There’s never enough time in one day.  You wake up, eat breakfast, and get everyone ready before each person goes to school or work or just getting the day going.  Once you wake up, the day doesn’t stop until you’re back in bed and even still, as a parent, you are always on call 24/7.  As a mom, I value every minute I can save towards spending time with my son.  Every minute I can save from setting up a play area or cleaning it afterwards is every minute of memories I create with my son.

For this reason, I created The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.  I wanted the ability to take a comfortable play mat with me no matter where I went.  A play yard was too heavy for me and too much to take when it was just the baby and me.  I wanted to allow my son to have tummy time or play with toys without having to take time to set up a play gym and its poles.  I wanted something easy to set up and put away which is The Original Plop It™ (watch the “how to” videos to learn the quickest ways to use the baby mat).  And, I wanted something easy to clean, which is why the mat has a machine washable case.  Even still, I know the insert could get dirty so it’s water repellant, wipe clean and let dry.  Yes, you can use the padded insert mat without the case for the times you go to the beach or the pool.

Since creating The Original Plop It™, my son has a comfortable place to play, eat or take a nap, no matter where we are during the day.  I am able to enjoy every moment and make more memories with him because of the simplicity of The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.

Where ever you travel or just staying home with your family, have fun and be safe ringing in the new year.  We look forward to helping you spend more time with your family.  Thank you for a great year in 2015.  We at Family Reigns are excited for an awesome year in 2016!

– Lina

Needed for trips

The Original Plop It™ baby mat is travel friendly.  Being padded means it’s comfortable for baby to spend time on it.  The baby mat stays completely outstretched, 40″ diameter without any additional attachments.  It collapses to 16″ diameter for easy transportation and takes up minimal cargo space.  Whether you’re visiting family or friends, taking a road trip, or getting on a plane, The Original Plop It™ is a practical travel mat to pack.


When you’re visiting someone’s home, they don’t always have a place baby can play.  The Original Plop It™ baby mat is an instant clean space for baby to play or nap.  Just lay it down on a flat ground and you’re all set.  Quick set up and pack up means more time visiting and playing.

Taking a road trip?  Pack The Original Plop It™ travel mat because when you need a break from the road, baby will too.  Drop the baby mat on a patch of grass and let baby stretch out those legs.  Baby will be happy to get fresh air, eat a snack or just lay out.  Quick set up and pack up means minimal effort during your break.

Getting on a plane doesn’t come quickly or without waiting.  Sometimes there are delays but you always hope for a smooth trip.  In any case, having The Original Plop It™ travel mat with you will come in handy.  Baby will enjoy having freedom on the baby mat during the long wait.  When the plane arrives, just collapse the baby mat into its pack and you’re ready to board.