We made it BIG!

The Original Plop It! went from 40 inches to almost 60 inches!    Why?  Because, we are expanding!  The Original Plop It BIG! has more space for more humans to enjoy.  It’s easy to take wherever you want to go with your family or friends.  It still stays outstretched when you plop it down.  Twist it to get it compact and stick it in its tote bag.

Almost 60 inches of spread out mat space.


Here’s how you can use the Plop It! where ever and when ever.

Happy Birthday to us!

We’re turning one and let me tell you how relieved we are to survive this first year.  As with babies, but maybe not quite as chaotic, the first year of business is critical.  We have been learning as much as we can and needless to say, it has not been without many errors and mistakes.  We could not have made it without our customers and supporters.  THANK YOU!  We are grateful for all the love.

What all happened our first year?  It seems like a whirlwind.  We officially launched The Original Plop It! a year ago.  In the winter, we were able to start selling The Original Plop It! gift sets on Amazon.com allowing customers with Prime membership to get free two-day shipping.  We attended a few baby expos in Houston, Los Angeles and Orange County.  We even had a great time at the famous Houston Children’s Festival.  We were lucky to meet many new faces and laugh about our kids and parenthood.

We have lots to look forward to going into our second year.  We will be adding different gift sets to Amazon.com as well as adding another member to our family.  The latter half of 2016 is going to be very interesting.  Keep in touch with us and watch us grow!  We’re on Facebook and you can sign up for our newsletter too.

Thank you, again, for making our first year memorable!


It’s not just black and white

The world isn’t always just black and white.  But, then again, maybe it’s nice when it is.  Now available, because black and white is always trendy, the chevron black dots case premium gift set.  Pick a colorful insert and you’re super trendy without even trying!

Premium Gift Set
Premium Gift Set: Birdy Blue insert with Chevron Black Dots case
Premium Gift Set
Premium Gift Set: Punch Pink insert with Chevron Black Dots case
Premium Gift Set
Premium Gift Set: Sunny Yellow insert with Chevron Black Dots case


Premium Gift Set
Premium Gift Set: Foxy Orange insert with Chevron Black Dots case

All new Basic Gift Set 2016!

It’s here!  The new Basic Gift Set 2016!  This season’s Basic Gift Set features a neutral color scheme of owls, leaves and dots on the case with a sand insert and pack.  The Original Plop It! is the mat that just stays open.  Plop It down for a quick set up.  And, pick it up for when you need to get up and go.

Basic Gift Set, Owl Dots case and Sand insert and bag
Basic Gift Set with an Owl Dots case and Sand insert and bag.
Case Owl Dots
The Original Plop It! Owl and Dots case
Owls Case
The Original Plop It! Owls and Dots case

The Owl and Dots case is 100% cotton and machine washable.  The insert and bag are water repellant, wipe clean and air dry.  Check out this post for ideas on where to go with your Original Plop It!

How to use The Original Plop It! at every stage in life

The Original Plop It! doesn’t have an age minimum or maximum.  You basically just have to exist to use it.  Here are various uses as your child grows, and other uses I didn’t think of until someone else mentioned it.

Newborn to baby
– tummy time
– nap time
– diaper change
– play time
Attach toys to the toy loops located on the edge of the mat.  It encourages baby to reach out her arms and kick her legs.  When the baby moves, the mat stays outstretched.  You don’t have to continuously pull on the mat to keep it flat or lay all your heavy items on the corners.  Also, it’s so convenient when you need diaper duty.  You don’t always have the luxury of a diaper changing station.  With the Plop It! at least you have a clean place to change baby.  Take the mat everywhere you go.  Not everyone understands life with a baby nor does every place you go accommodate little ones as well as you would hope.  With the Plop It!, you know you have a clean place for baby when they want to get up out of the stroller and discover their environment.

– nap time
– snack time
– lunch
Toddlers don’t sit still for very long unless they are eating and even then they don’t stay still.  The Plop It! allows you to set up quickly, just plop it down.  You’ll have a nice, clean area to take a break where ever you are.  When your toddler gets up and takes off, you can quickly pick up the mat and follow after him.  That’s one of the perks of the Plop It!  Easy to set up, easy to pick up.

School Age
Your kid is older now.  He listens and can follow instructions.  Now, he’s really active (not that he wasn’t before).  You have soccer, baseball, swim lessons during the weekday and games during the weekend.  Take the Plop It! with him. He’ll have a nice mat to sit during breaks or lay down after being totally exhausted from practice.  He’ll drink his water and eat his snack and then you’re off again.  Tip:  keep your Plop It! in the car and pull it out when ever you need it.  Bring it in the house when you need to clean it.

The Plop It! is light and compacts for easy transport.  It’s 40 inches wide and perfect for one or two people.  You can take it to the park and just read a book or lay down and enjoy the various animal shaped clouds in the sky.  Remember those days as a kid?  Or have a nice time with your significant other huddled together for a picnic date.  Take the mat to an outdoor movie or outdoor play.  It’s a great accessory to enjoying life.

Here are some other places you can enjoy The Original Plop It! no matter what age you are.

Places to go with your Plop It!
– park
– picnic
– zoo
– festivals
– pool
– beach
– grandma’s and grandpa’s house
– friends’ house
– play dates
– traveling (road trip or flying, for when you need a break)

Remember I mentioned other uses?  A customer brought this up to my attention.  She uses the Plop It! as a travel mat for her working dog.  The dog works with children.  Isn’t that sweet.  40 inch wide mat can make a pretty big dog comfortable whether at home or traveling.

Indoor or outdoor, The Original Plop It! mat isn’t just for babies.  Anyone can use it practically any where you go.  Think beyond the infant stage and how you and your family can benefit from this mat that makes family life easier for everyone (pets included).

Houston Children’s Festival

The largest children’s festival in the United States is the McDonald’s Houston Children’s Festival benefiting Child Advocates, Inc. on April 23 and 24, 2016 from 10:30am to 6:30pm in downtown Houston.  Family Reigns will be a market vendor in our first year to participate.

We will be located in the Baker Hughes Circus Town right in front of City Hall on McKinney St and Smith.  We look forward to spending the day with Houston area families with The Original Plop It! Gift Sets available for purchase.  Come by our booth for kids to color their own crown and we will show you adults how to Plop It!

It’s going to be a great time!  We look forward to meeting you soon.

– Lina

You were right, Elizabeth Espinoza!

On March 11, I was lucky enough to meet the smart and funny reporter from KTLA 5, Elizabeth Espinoza.  She came out to do some promos of the 8th Annual Baby & Kidz Expo in Pasadena, CA.  You can watch the videos on the KTLA website.  Specifically in the second video, you can see she tried to predict my baby’s gender.

IMG_1260 IMG_1264

What a fun day that was.  Thanks to KTLA5 for coming out!  AND, Elizabeth, you were right.  I got a call confirming you were right after our session ended and I wanted to tell you.

That was a great day!

How The Original Plop It! came to be

When my son was born, I would take him everywhere at all hours during the day.  Often, we ended up at the park for an hour to enjoy the outdoors.  I would bring his diaper bag and a blanket to lay on.  In my mind, this seemed simple enough.  Lay the blanket down and we can enjoy the nice weather.  But wait, I did not calculate the breeze.  I better place the diaper bag and his baby wipes on the corners and I can lay on the other two corners.  Perfect.  Baby is on tummy time and we are enjoying the park.  And then the baby pulled the blanket.  Hurry!  Fix the blanket before the blanket swallows the baby.  This is more work than I was imagining.

There must be something more simple and easier to use than a blanket.  I remembered I have an activity gym with poles.  That will work.  Oh wait, the poles don’t collapse.  It’s doesn’t compact and you have to attach then detach the poles.  I just want the baby to enjoy the birds, the trees and the sky without overhead distractions and with less equipment management.

How about the play yard?  It’s pretty sturdy.  It is, but it’s also heavy.  Imagine pushing the stroller and lugging the play yard just me and the baby.  I don’t think I can do it.  I don’t think I want to do it.

I just want something simple that I can plop down quickly.  I want something that is light so I can carry it with me when ever where ever I go with this little kid.  I want something comfortable for the baby, like cotton.  I need something easy to clean because I just don’t have time otherwise.   I want the mat to be padded so I can plop it on the floor of someone’s house indoors or just have extra padding when we are outdoors.

After searching in stores and online, I had no such luck.  I thought, it will be worth it if I just make it myself.  So begins the adventures of life with baby and what is now, The Original Plop It!

My son is a pre-schooler now and he still uses his mat.  He takes it to play days for when the class has quiet time.  We still take it to the park in which case, I hang out on the Plop It and he joins me for a break to snack or drink water, or lay down from exhaustion.  We’ve taken it to the water park where he passed out sleeping on the deck under the shade of a tree.  He also uses it as a clean place to sit when we have casual athletic activities like flag football, outdoor volleyball or hanging out at the pool.   My husband and I use it when we play tournaments.  We like to lay on it while we wait for our next games, so the whole family uses The Original Plop It!  It’s not just for babies.

Here’s to spending more time with your family

There’s never enough time in one day.  You wake up, eat breakfast, and get everyone ready before each person goes to school or work or just getting the day going.  Once you wake up, the day doesn’t stop until you’re back in bed and even still, as a parent, you are always on call 24/7.  As a mom, I value every minute I can save towards spending time with my son.  Every minute I can save from setting up a play area or cleaning it afterwards is every minute of memories I create with my son.

For this reason, I created The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.  I wanted the ability to take a comfortable play mat with me no matter where I went.  A play yard was too heavy for me and too much to take when it was just the baby and me.  I wanted to allow my son to have tummy time or play with toys without having to take time to set up a play gym and its poles.  I wanted something easy to set up and put away which is The Original Plop It™ (watch the “how to” videos to learn the quickest ways to use the baby mat).  And, I wanted something easy to clean, which is why the mat has a machine washable case.  Even still, I know the insert could get dirty so it’s water repellant, wipe clean and let dry.  Yes, you can use the padded insert mat without the case for the times you go to the beach or the pool.

Since creating The Original Plop It™, my son has a comfortable place to play, eat or take a nap, no matter where we are during the day.  I am able to enjoy every moment and make more memories with him because of the simplicity of The Original Plop It™ travel baby mat.

Where ever you travel or just staying home with your family, have fun and be safe ringing in the new year.  We look forward to helping you spend more time with your family.  Thank you for a great year in 2015.  We at Family Reigns are excited for an awesome year in 2016!

– Lina

Needed for trips

The Original Plop It™ baby mat is travel friendly.  Being padded means it’s comfortable for baby to spend time on it.  The baby mat stays completely outstretched, 40″ diameter without any additional attachments.  It collapses to 16″ diameter for easy transportation and takes up minimal cargo space.  Whether you’re visiting family or friends, taking a road trip, or getting on a plane, The Original Plop It™ is a practical travel mat to pack.


When you’re visiting someone’s home, they don’t always have a place baby can play.  The Original Plop It™ baby mat is an instant clean space for baby to play or nap.  Just lay it down on a flat ground and you’re all set.  Quick set up and pack up means more time visiting and playing.

Taking a road trip?  Pack The Original Plop It™ travel mat because when you need a break from the road, baby will too.  Drop the baby mat on a patch of grass and let baby stretch out those legs.  Baby will be happy to get fresh air, eat a snack or just lay out.  Quick set up and pack up means minimal effort during your break.

Getting on a plane doesn’t come quickly or without waiting.  Sometimes there are delays but you always hope for a smooth trip.  In any case, having The Original Plop It™ travel mat with you will come in handy.  Baby will enjoy having freedom on the baby mat during the long wait.  When the plane arrives, just collapse the baby mat into its pack and you’re ready to board.